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How to book us…

Riffler have played at all types of events across the world and will bring this experience to your event.  If you want to book Riffler or you just want to learn a little bit more about what we do, then please feel free to contact us:



Gear and Stage Requests

Minimum Technical Requirements
If there is a problem obtaining any of these requirements please call to discuss with us as we may be able to find a solution
STAGE SIZE… 5m wide by 3m deep or larger 
PLEASE REMEMBER… this a minimum and a major part our our show is visual so we need room to move around to give our best, so the more room the better.
If we are providing the PA system we will require the following
Safe access required to the stage area for our truck and/or ramps walkway.
All our equipment is flight cased and on wheels. If there are steps, grass areas, steep slope or other hazards please call to discuss to find a solution.
2 hour minimum 3 hours preferred to load in, setup and sound check. (this maybe longer if easy access is not available)
minimum 4 separate (6 preferred)13amp power sockets on the stage.
If we are not providing the PA system these are the minimum requirements in addition to the above stage sizes
minimum 2 x 13amp power sockets available either side of stage for backline
3 vocal microphones sm58 or similar 2 microphones for each guitar cab sm57 or similar
Quality drum microphones for 1 bass drum, 1 snare, 4 toms. 2 O/H mics for larger venues D.I. feed from bass amp
3 Way monitors left, middle and right front of stage
+ 2 aux mixes for IEMs.
Quality PA system and engineer sufficient for venue size.


If any of these requirements cannot be met please discuss with us, solutions can usually be found for most problems



Tel: 01623 741000 • Email: music@riffler.band

Tel: 0777 342 7288 • Email: music@riffler.band



The MD wanted a band and we I made sure we got one that could deliver and you did” 

Jim Lindsay  
from Daimler


“the concert far exceeded expectations and was blown away by the quality”

Graham Honeyman
Forgemasters  chief executive 


“this band were absolutely amazing, for nearly 2 hours they kept the place rocking, people on the dance floor, playing a selection of music you wouldn’t believe. I whole heartedly recommend them and you really have to seen them to believe them, I cannot say too much about them they are absolutley brilliant”

Paul Lear
President Masonic Grand Lodge of Cowley


“Hey guys, thank you sooooo much for playing for our event last night, really appreciated. Think we raised between £800 and £900 for Cavendish Cancer Care, so well worth the effort.”

 Jackie Cook 
Cavadish Cancer Care Tweetup